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We're live

Lemo a posted Sat at 14:45

Treestompz ninja edit: works now

And we're live once again.

Huge thank you to KennyBiscuits for the painful hours he has put in.

Side update:
Sadly voting is down once again, this should be up and running very shortly, but in the mean time LET'S GET STOMPING

[Mod] Tilly18 Whoohoo thanks so much to Lemo, tree, Kenny, Jesse and all the people putting in so many hours to bring us entertainment ...
treestompz a works now.

Update #8

KennyBiscuits a posted Fri at 15:47

Update May 24th:

We're are terribly sorry, we came under technical problems while moving. Im currently (Lemo) looking into ways to get the server up quicker but we currently have no estamated time. We truly appreciate your patience, and we're terribly sorry for the inconvenience 

StompzCraft is ready to launch!

I am really happy to say that this launch comes with this awesome IP to login under

Come and play Stompzcraft :D

MrSwag22 It's 1 am I should go to bed soon but I need my fix of stompz
User <3
DiamondExplorer5 You guys do realize the server is still in the BETA stage right?

Update #7

Lemo a posted Thu at 17:57


Sorry for the inconvenience

Stompz will be down for maintenance while we move server files over to our bigger dedicated system. We'll be starting maintenance on the May the 24th at 8am EDT
Down time anywhere around 1 to 5 hours.

Updates so far on beta:
We have so made changes to the towny permissions. Towns will now have a dayly upkeep of Two stompz per plot, along with the fix of town ranks.

Towny ranks are as followed:


As expected this has all the same permissions as the mayor of town, only give this out to extremely trusted individuals.


This rank allows the player to build and destroy on any area in town. Along with set plot prices (for sale.. ect).


This rank has the ability to build and destroy on any area in town.

Like previously, mayors can assign rank to residents with the command
/t rank add [player] [rank]

Nelbrenn Because KennyBiscuits is an Admin sir.
MrSwag22 It's up
MrSwag22 Who is kennybiscuits and why do they get to go on?
splash potions bypass the no pvp rule
Is there a logical reason why we can't use splash potions?
I agree with beelan
Emeralds are Rare enough as it is
Ide suggest removing the limit and just stop selling Emerald blocks at the market, make it solely player based emerald economy
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