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Christmas update

Lemo a posted Dec 23, 15


Queen Elba-
As you all know Christmas is right around the corner, like legit around the corner. It has been an amazing 8 months that Stompz has been up after the reset. We have new towns as well as old ones. New players and the good ol’ veterans. We just wanted to say thank you, for all the support the server has received up to this point and for the future support you may give to it. We want all of you to enjoy your holidays and to be safe. Don’t be drinking too much, or eating too much (you don’t want to lose your mad gainz) but have fun. I for one will be spending my Christmas day on a roof eating tacos while wearing a sombrero lined with Christmas lights. Have a good day and happy holidays.


Now for you lucky fellows like me, the ones who get to save our money because we don't have to spare it on Christmas but enjoy the holiday, reminder again to stay safe and enjoy this time with your family. And again thank you for this amazing 8 months so far, an a many a more months to come.

As a special thanks to you all I'm giving a 25% discount on stompz points
Code: Stompzmas
offer ended on the 31st dec

Superman785 When does the offer finish?
[H] rkindschuh26 what a good samaritan! great post elba and lemo!

Hello Stomperz!

This week we have some unique featurees for you! Before we start though, sorry if we have been a bit behind on the spotlight, but im going to try to kick this back up! Im going to try to gather a team of willing staff to get this rolling a bit better. If you have missed out on some of the SCS action click HERE to look at the SCS forum history! Hope you enjoy SCS#12!

This Month's StompzCraft Featured Town is...

Be sure to congratulate this booming metropolis and all of those that helped the town become so successful! 


This Month’s StompzCraft Featured User is…

[Ultimate Swag] jbshadow

Some of us know him, but not enough do! He's been a Stompzer for quite some time with almost no recogition! That is why i wanted to do that for him and make him the Featured User! Feel free to float on over to his profile and congratulate him HERE!

Thanks for reading SCS#12! Please, REMEMBER to congratulate those involved with this week's featured town and user!
Keep on Stompin'
Superman785 Congrats
Lemo a Sexiest thing to see come back Congrats on the lucky peoples ^-^

Hello Stompzcrafters!

I am pleased to announce i am back! Yep, you heard it, me and my lapis self are back into action! For those of you who don't know me, i was on the recent old world where i started as a measly member. From there i rapid fired myself all the way to Mod with my trusty sidekick PhyrePhlyz! Then Treestompz asked if i wanted to be admin. Well then i did adminy things and such till about the end of old world. At that point, i had found myself a girlfriend.. Well needless to say that tore me up, i lost friends, family looked at me funny, i basically was in a really rough patch. I'm not going to get into it on here, but needless to say i am back, and working on fixing everything i lost in that time. I hope you all who knew me find it in your heart to forgive my disapearance and accept me back into play!

With that, i do plan on comming back with a bang, by that i am going to try to get involved with everything thats going on, help where is needed, and work alongside your fearless leader Lemo to get things where they need to be and more! I have plenty of knowledge on minecraft and servers, i'll just need to recap myself which shouldnt be too hard. I may also do some stuff that Lemo will have no idea about!

Again, this is my return. Forgive me if i am distant and off as i'm just going through a rough time at the moment, but with the support of my many familes and friends i have and of course my stompz family, I am sure i will be back to my KnB self again :) I missed you all so much, and am glad to be back. If there is anything you all need help with, want to catch up on, or anything just hit me up in game or on the forums. Love you guys!

QOTD: How many of you remember my obsession with lapis, and have some stories related to it?

DAWT_MONKEY Happy to hear your life has been taking a turn for the better! Glad to see you back KnB
_flux_capacitor_ KnB <3
firebenny Return of infinite lapis shop? Welcome back
I'd take some, but it'd end up going directly to my shop :p
Good,found a stack diamond and anyone want some?
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