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Late notice for War

KnBRocker120 a posted Apr 23, 16

Sorry for the late notice everyone, but today at 5pm EDT War will commence for 2 Hours!

Winners of Kerplunk

Congratulations guys!!


Will take place on Sunday at 6pm EST

Kerplunk is an event that will be brought back from the grave. Kerplunk is a basic game, you run or stay standing on a sand platform. Leaves are decaying underneath and as they decay the sand falls. Your goal is to be the last man standing.


First Place winners will receive a dragon egg in stompzkingdomz.

Second Place winners will receive a notch apple in stompz main or in stompzkingdomz.

Third Place winners will receive a skull of choice or in Knb's case get to punch Elba until he dies.


Saturday War

Saturday's war is a go as per usual. The same rules and things will happen. Good luck to you all :D

Iron_Buster I got 8th place... does that count for anything? lol
falol11 The times of the wars and the events are like at the middle of the night for me D: D: D: D:
[Dev] DiamondExplorer5 Those prizes though... o_o On another note, should be first war without bugs! Whoo!

Saturday’s SK war will continue as planned and will start at 5PM EST and will last two hours. During this time all town protections will drop and allow for grief/raids. Be on guard and protect your towns and valuables.

Prepare thy bases, ready thy swords, and polish thy armor because tonight we dine in Stompzcraft.

All bugs should be fixed thanks to Diamond so have fun tomorrow and best of luck.

falol11 Was on a week trip so sad didnt make it to the war but i see you next one!!
[P] Clark_PRO War time once again woo
waow knb u r such a good badmin
servers back up everyone
I'm working on it guys, trying to find a solution asap
Server is currently offline as of what I know. Not sure what's caused it, but just a heads up.
I have some problems with the login to the server
You do not have access to shout