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Hello Stompzcrafters!

I am pleased to announce i am back! Yep, you heard it, me and my lapis self are back into action! For those of you who don't know me, i was on the recent old world where i started as a measly member. From there i rapid fired myself all the way to Mod with my trusty sidekick PhyrePhlyz! Then Treestompz asked if i wanted to be admin. Well then i did adminy things and such till about the end of old world. At that point, i had found myself a girlfriend.. Well needless to say that tore me up, i lost friends, family looked at me funny, i basically was in a really rough patch. I'm not going to get into it on here, but needless to say i am back, and working on fixing everything i lost in that time. I hope you all who knew me find it in your heart to forgive my disapearance and accept me back into play!

With that, i do plan on comming back with a bang, by that i am going to try to get involved with everything thats going on, help where is needed, and work alongside your fearless leader Lemo to get things where they need to be and more! I have plenty of knowledge on minecraft and servers, i'll just need to recap myself which shouldnt be too hard. I may also do some stuff that Lemo will have no idea about!

Again, this is my return. Forgive me if i am distant and off as i'm just going through a rough time at the moment, but with the support of my many familes and friends i have and of course my stompz family, I am sure i will be back to my KnB self again :) I missed you all so much, and am glad to be back. If there is anything you all need help with, want to catch up on, or anything just hit me up in game or on the forums. Love you guys!

QOTD: How many of you remember my obsession with lapis, and have some stories related to it?

firebenny Return of infinite lapis shop? Welcome back ...
Tilly18 Guess who's back? Back again? Knbibbles thats who! (Came up with that name on the start, pretty proud of myself) ...

Banners and more

Lemo a posted Aug 27, 15

Hello Stompzcrafterz,

Proud to announce the final votes on the Banner Competition:

In lucky first place we had SoulNightStalker killing it with 21 votes

Second place we have iDimitrit at 15 votes

And a very close third, Chevy_Fan at 14 votes

Thank you to all that participate nothing more fun having the community create the foundations of our awesome server. For those who have won should automatically receive their reward.

Now for something new

Build comp is back but with a twist.

Apply for build comp click (here)

So to start I'd like to try something new, for this months build comp we're going to host it in the player towns, with a small amount of rules.

Why are we doing it in a town? This will give you guys the option to build in a team rather then working on your own. Letting your creativity and teamwork show, and minimizing you limitations either by allocating select jobs or just going gun hoe on your own.

Rules be: 

Maximum plot size 6x6 bedrock to skylimit

Maximum of five people per team.

Town owners approval.

Build Comp Theme: Mini adventure map.

More infomation will be located on the application thread.


Banner Voting and Social Media comes to StompzCraft!

sarah345343 a
sarah345343 @ StompzCraft Main
posted Aug 15, 15

Hey Stomperz,


Banner voting is now open to the public! We are on our way to picking a number one banner.  Click here to vote.


So people that are new to hear about this, we've open up an even to the community of Stompzcraft. Giving the community the option to choose our new voting banner, so get down and voting and pick your favorite banner.


We have recently ventured out onto social media!

This entails the abilities to keep all you Stomperz upto date with small updates, along with future events that will only be found on said media outlets. This gives us the opportunity to branch out and draw in new Stomperz along with being able to share awesome new things with the community.


We'll also soon be soft launching a twitch channel to allow the community to get involved in a more active environment. Our Twitch channel will not be run by solely one person, the will expand over a number of select members of the community such as said staff and a hand full of active stompz players. Each streamer will be given a scheduled day so we have the opportunity to enjoy a number of fun personalities and activities. Activities ranging from player made events and even sneak peeks of new game modes. So put your hats on and grab the popcorn the entertainment is about to start.


Click the images you know you want to:




Stompz event update:

Hey everyone! Jabs28 here just so you all know we have a server event coming up Saturday. Keep an eye out for another post in a few days. See you all there!

Side note: Lemo here, forgive about the lack of updates lately, sadly i have been caught up in some minor work related issues. This update is only just a sneak peak of events and changes that will be happening with stompz and the glorious future of fun and games

i cant get on server, is it down?
Penguin Power!
More like wings in the east with this new snapshot, non donars, you can feel whatt its like now, well as close as you'll get to full flight.
Winds in the east, mist coming in... like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin. ;)
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